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Executive Detail


The Executive Detail is ideal for the customer who is looking to get top dollar for their trade-in. The customer who is looking to transform their vehicle back to its glory days or the car enthusiast who enjoys keeping their car looking great and protected inside & out.

Cars $275
Vans, Trucks, SUV's $325

Excessive Dirt or Pet Hair Incurs Extra Charge

Package Includes:

 Step 1: Removing of all road grime, tar, & rail dust.
 Step 2: Acid wash wheels. (depending on wheel finish)
 Step 3: Engine steam clean
 Step 4: Hand wash entire vehicle, followed by high-pressure rinse.
 Step 5: Shammy dry entire vehicle & compressed air dry cracks, crevices, & emblems. 
 Step 1: Vacuum cabin interior, trunk/cargo area & floor mats.
 Step 2: Clean & Sanitize air vents, headliner, leather, plastic & vinyl. 
 Step 3: Streak-free cleaning of all windows & mirrors. 
 Step 4: Steam clean/shampoo carpets, floor mats, & upholstery. 
 Step 5: Clean scent deodorize interior of vehicle. 
 Step 1: Clay entire vehicle to remove metallic particles & contaminants from paint. 
 Step 2: 3 stage paint correcting system-compound, polish & fine polish entire vehicle.
 Step 3: Apply paint protection using either wax, paint sealant or coatings. (varies in price)
 Step 4: Recondition engine compartment, all moldings, & tires. Clean windows, mirrors, & wheels.
 Step 5: Remove paint protection using professional grade microfiber towels.
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